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Mar 29, 2017
6:39 pm
Mar 29, 2017
2:16 pm
Mar 29, 2017
1:40 pm
Mar 29, 2017
1:08 pm
Mar 29, 2017
12:43 pm



Hi there

I have recently seen a number of people in group chats asking how to draw men; or having trouble with certain aspects of the male form.
In responce I have decided to provide pieces specifically for use as reference. Yes, I know there are plenty of pictures out there on the internet but I have noticed that some people would prefer that, for example there was less clothing in the way.
3D models don't complain about how you dress them and you can easily adjust the shape from something generic to something more extreme, artistic, or exotic.

Most of the ones I intend to post will be what I consider to be average or generic body shapes but I will make others if people request them.
A few specifics for the requests.
- I will not be including genitals. This is simply so my references can be accessed by a broader range of artists and there are examples out there with genitals if you really want them.
- I will also not be providing poses that could be construed as sexual - again for the reason stated above.
- Some body types will need more time from me. For example an extremely buff body builder does not have the same range of movement as a more average shaped man and so poses need to be adjusted to look right.
- I can provide images with basic trapezoid and rectangle shapes drawn over the top if that will help, but again this takes extra time.
- I am prepared to include singlets or t-tshirts as part of the basic clothing for those who might prefer that.

If I get a lot of specific requests I will be limiting them to a number of slots as other artists do with their requests. For now, just please consider that like with other forms of art this does take time and if a specific request is made I won't just be throwing something together. Various things need to be adjusted in order to create an image that looks right, much like taking a photograph I have the same kind of variables to work with and have taken the time to learn very similar skills to a photographer. I just have the luxury of working with a model who can look how I want and doesn't mind holding a pose for hours. :)

Please comment below if you would like to see something specific added to My reference gallery


Rick Clery
I'm a casual photographer and I play around with Daz3D quite a lot. I post new work when I'm inspired or come up with something I really feel like sharing.


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Kugaha Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't let this get to you buddy :heart:
Kugaha Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I think there are more concerning things on this site to worry about than what Scraver here has in his gallery. Just because you and some others find it uncomfortable or "offensive" doesn't mean it is to a vaster majority. I see no problem unless he's promoting pedophilia, and by the look of things he ISN'T. You're worried about "children" stumbling across this? First they'd have to be specifically looking for half naked boys and second they've probably seen more than their fair share of porn anyway. 

Personally I find his art to be just fine. Some of the model's look between 18-19 to me, and I even had my family look at them and say the same. It's a good reference to those who want to draw younger males or use them for stock photo's. It's better to have a completely naked model to add your own clothes to. I think you just have a problem because he mostly focuses on this type. Maybe he's still learning or prefers to keep it consistent. Have you even SEEN the stuff posted here on dA that goes unchecked for years and has a HUGE following!?! I'm talking about fetish art. I don't like it but I'm not throwing my weight around about it. I just ignore it because my preferences are not dA's guild-lines. Now there ARE some things that need to be reported, but that's for extremely offensive shit or worse. Scraver's gallery looks fine to me. There's only a problem for you personally because you don't agree with his art choices, covering it up as "concern for children"
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